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 I've just got too many balls in the air to do much with this site.  It's nice, I applaud Google for their (mostly successful, except for the email address thing) efforts.  I will recommend it to others.  I like it fine.  I just don't have time for another web site.


Ah!  Time for a manifesto. Or alfresco.  An alfresco manifesto?  Nah...too much fresh air.  I never liked Al anyway.  He reminds me of my first wife's mother's great aunt's brother-in-law.  I never knew the guy, so what's to like?  Odd that Al should remind me of him, but there it is.

As you may have gathered, this is sort of my James Joyce site.  Someone - probably me - thought it would be a good idea to have a place where I just write down whatever comes to mind...or even close.  Besides, Google gave me this cool space for free.  I had another page where I put a whole lot of effort into getting it just right.  Then I realized that Google, in their wisdom, had created a page address that immediately told any spammer worth his own salty flesh what my Gmail address was - and damned if I hadn't used my favorite address to sign up.  Bummer!

So here we are.  The basic idea was to set this page up the same, then transfer the other stuff over here.  Then I had a second thought: too much work.  So here we are.  Infresco.  Manifesting heaven knows what.  Re-Joycing - but not very well, because I quit drinking years ago.

There'll be some links over on the other side at some point, and the real b.s. will begin on page two.  I guess.  Probably.

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