Zen Timer for iPhone

An easy to use tool for your daily practice.

Timer Description

This application allows you to conveniently time your meditation practice with just a couple of button clicks. A gentle Tibetan bell sound will announce expiration time.

Each ball in the screen represents a time duration of 3 minutes. Selecting 5 balls thus will adjust the timer for a 15 minute practice. The color code of the balls is as follows:

Green Ball Time Remaining
Red BallTime Used
Grey BallTime Unused

Follow the link at the end of this page to access the timer using your iPhone.

About Zen

Zen is a meditation practice in which the mind is appeased through a deliberate focus on the present moment. In this mindful state, one is liberated to see things as they are, free from distortions created by preconceived ideas. As still water is able to form a clear picture of the moon, our still mind is made more suitable to grasp reality without the turbulence created by our inner filters.

An essential element of Zen practise consist of sitting meditation (zazen). This timer is intended to help you timing your practice sessions.


Please send your comments and suggestions to zen.timer@gmail.com

Application Link

Click here to start using the Zen Timer application in your iPhone.