Blog Roundup - posts with Holmes-related content

The blogs are ordered chronologically by oldest post (at top), and then the posts are ordered by date to the right.

An asterisk by the name of the blog indicates that the blogger started playing D&D with Holmes Basic (in progress)

Jeff's Gameblog:
Mightiest Monsters - The Wonderful Scrolls of Doctor Holmes - Expanding Holmes Parts I & II

Retrospective - RIP J. Eric Holmes - Maze of Peril - Blue Book, Cover to Cover, Parts I to XVII - Other Posts with a Holmes Label

Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Holmes DnD: An Overview

The Troll Ate My Homework*: All I Really Need to Know I Learned in B1 - The Holmes Delusion

Robert Fisher: The generic unified RPG unsystem

Aeons & Augauries*: D&D Characters I've Played - My Old D&D Boxed Set - Gargoyles

The Lands of Ara*: Auto-Ethnography -
Stairs Up and Stairs Down

Warlocks's Homebrew*: Where It All Began? - Beneath the Tower of Zenopus - Sessions I to XIV - B1 illustrated - Can D&D Ever Be Played Wrong? - Pod-Play Drama

Oaths & Fates*: In the Beginning - Holmes Roots - Holmes: A Palimpsest

A Paladin in Citadel: Crappy Dice and Artwork - Experience Points - Um, I was promised Witches?

Cyclopeatron: J. Eric Holmes (1930-2010) - B2 for Newbie DMs: Easy Intro or Mind Shredding Trial by Fire?

World of Onn: Dr. J. E. Holmes (RIP)

Havard's Blackmoor Blog - RIP John Eric Holmes - Holmes' Obituary - Complete Classic

The Other Side* - John Eric Holmes 1930-2010 - Back to the Basics - Tom Moldvay on Witches - B is for Basic D&D

Tower of Zenopus: Sample Dungeon with new players - Z is for Zenopus

Bat in the Attic*: Memories of Holmes' Blue Book - Generations of Gamers

Unfrozen Caveman Dice-Chucker*: Primordial D&D: Eric Holmes and the 11 year old's dungeon

Rolls, Rules and Rolls: Blue Book Brief Encounter

SAVE OR DIE!: Holmes Basic Set, Parts 1 to 19 - On Alignment Changes from OD&D to Holmes

ChicagoWiz's RPG Blog*: Holmes Combat Rounds - Copying Spells - Talking Know-It-All Mask

Xeveninti: Holmes Basic Box Set cover with logos removed

A Wizard in a bottle: B2 series: Hexmap - Geography - Bugbears & Catnip - Agriculture - Archaeology - Burials - Congregations - Eight Variants of Caves of Chaos - Inspirational Painting

The Contemptible Cube of Quazar: Skull Mountain: Session 5 - How to Make Your Own Skull Mountain

Tenkar's Tavern: First Look at Holmes - Second - Third - Fourth

Hill Cantons*: Holmes Expert Boxed Set: What If? - More on the Holmes Expert Set - Split Classes - How to Play D&D Like It's 1980

Carjacked Seraphim*: Maze of Peril - In Memoriam - J Eric Holmes

Delta's D&D Hotspot: Basic D&D: Chainmail Conversions - B2 Used d6 Hit Dice - Giant Throwing - Maze of Peril Review

Coasters Castles Combustion: Ruins of Zenopus Session 1 - 2 - 3

Reviews from R'lyeh: This Skull Needs Flesh

Fire in the Jungle: Tales of the Pronomir - Gygax, Holmes and Wesley in the Jungle (Source of the Nile)

There's Dungeons Down Under*: A Website for Holmes Basic

Blood of Prokopius*: Holmes Thought Experiment series (Holmes plus Cook Expert)
- Magic Missile - Strength Spell - Movement - All posts on Holmes + Cook

The Forbidden Mazes of the Jennerak: Maze of Nuromen (for 1st lvl) - Avamere Outdoor Campaign Map - Castle Totenkopf (for 3rd lvl)

Quag Keep: Basic Rulebook - Holmes
- Dragon #52

Sandbox Empire: Two Old, One New

Super Galactic Dreadnought*: Wandering Monsters (Expanded Table) - My Own Dungeon - New Monsters

What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse: Dungeon Design: Holmes D&D

Ten Foot Pole: Skull Mountain

Underworld Cleaning Service: Scrolls & Spellbooks in Old School D&D

Stocking the Dungeon: Portown, Mystara and Freeport - Lemunda the Lovely - Green Dragon Inn

Really Bad Eggs*: Bona Fides - You Never Forget Your First

Tales from the Tower*: The Thief Class

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