Zen Marie

Images from exhibition "Things Fall Apart" Curated BY Ngone Fall at Trapholt Museum Denmark


The Perfect Leader is a short film that questions political leadership. Specifically the film addresses the controversial dynamics of the leader as a person, 
a human being with dreams and desires but also a human with faults. 

In part, the film is a homage to Jorgen Leth
The Perfect Human (1967) which is a surreal and (subtly) cynical look at the idea of a perfect human.  
The film updates Jorgen Leths original and uses it as a vehicle to pose questions about the cult of the individual that is predominant in contemporary leadership practices. Taking both formal as well as conceptual cues from this iconic film, The Perfect Leader addresses leadership as an ambiguous and problematic space.

 The Perfect Leader dissects the physical body of the leader (played by Darius Rasekhula) as it asks the audience to reconsider what leadership means. Besides being relevant to a contemporary critique of political governance, the film is a thought-provoking meditation on leadership as space that is contradictorily 
both private and public.  


Selected work



Embassy: Republic of An US2009 -  Installation/Performance: 
An interrogation of the politics of emigration.

The Perfect Leader2009 - Single Channel Video: 
An exploration of the body of the Leader.

Foucault's Children, 2009 - Single Channel Video: 
An examination of discourse.

Love and Hate in Lesotho2008 - Installation with Video/Photography/Sculpture:
Shady characters descend on one of the worlds least developed nations.

StreetANTHRO2008 - Photographs:
Fashion in Jozie - the inspiration and process work for Urbanscenographies. 

Urbanscenographies, 2008 - Street Performances:
Fashion, Posing, more Fashion, more Posing ... 

Three Stadia2003 - 2008 - Three Channel Video Installation: 
Cricket, colonialism and the architecture of nationalism. 

Surface Tension2007 - 2 Channel Video Installation: 
The aesthetics of migration within the Occident. 

From Nation to Corporation: An Outsiders Take on Nation Branding2008 - Article in journal  Brands and Branding: 
A critique of Nation Branding trends. 

10/1002004 - Book published by Bell Roberts, article by Andrew Lamprecht: 
10 curators 100 artists: Art in a Democratic South Africa.