photo: Eugene Arries

Monument for the Fallen 
1 x beer crate (1/4s) 
1 x 40kg cement mix
open cement
open beer
mix cement and beer 
pour mixture into crate
recite prayer


As we gather here we remember the Monuments 
The Taj Mahal and the Pyramids
The thousands of the Unknown 
who lost their hands, feet, their lives 
to build the monuments of the city

We read in the Book of Acts Chapter 17,verse 23 
that its was the Apostle Paul 
who discovered the first monument to the Unknown
He chastised the citizens
how can you make a monument to an Unknown god? 

When HE is Known to he who will Know

About a thousand and 19 hundred years later 
in the occupied lands of America
the US State 
in honour of their own god
the God of War 
created a monument to the Unknown Soldier

This was not pagan but an act 
of the State and Church

The Act of God

Ever since
even the leaders
of Communist and Nationalist Revolutions 
occupied the city with Monuments 
Monuments to Wealth, Power and Mystifications

Monuments to the Red Gods
Lenin and Mao 
the Mythical Gods of Peace, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela  
And around these monuments 
the people 
we the people 
are mobilised to sing 
and dance 
and wave flags of freedom

Today In the second decade 
in the 2nd million
in a dark and unknown part of the city of Johannesburg  
we resurrect the practice of the pagans
we celebrate the truly unknown gods 
those in the city 
who have fallen in the shadows of this city

Not in choice marble or 9 meter high bronze casting 
But in a humble beer crate

Not in state parks or classy Shopping malls 
not even in chic gentrified precincts 
but in dark street corners 
on pavements where people 
daily risk losing their hard earn wage packets
limb and life 
the streets of the city of gold

We offer this Inscription:

The UnKnowne Cityzen

One who fell in the
dark end of this city street
KNOWN BUT TO a grieving lover, child, parent
A missing statistic in the planners book

A MOUNument
 Not cast in marble

Nor 9 meters of bronze

But A case of concrete
Libated in beer
Take a moment
The fallen of this city

by Baptiste Marie