Zen Marie
Foucaults Children: An Examination (Single Channel Video, Cane & Marie, 2009)

1. This is a film by two lecturers who make their living from theory.
2. These students are their students.
3. This examination is their examination.

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Selected work



Embassy: Republic of An US2009 -  Installation/Performance: 
An interrogation of the politics of emigration.

The Perfect Leader2009 - Single Channel Video: 
An exploration of the body of the Leader.

Foucault's Children, 2009 - Single Channel Video: 
An examination of discourse.

Love and Hate in Lesotho2008 - Installation with Video/Photography/Sculpture:
Shady characters descend on one of the worlds least developed nations.

StreetANTHRO2008 - Photographs:
Fashion in Jozie - the inspiration and process work for Urbanscenographies. 

Urbanscenographies, 2008 - Street Performances:
Fashion, Posing, more Fashion, more Posing ... 

Three Stadia2003 - 2008 - Three Channel Video Installation: 
Cricket, colonialism and the architecture of nationalism. 

Surface Tension2007 - 2 Channel Video Installation: 
The aesthetics of migration within the Occident. 

From Nation to Corporation: An Outsiders Take on Nation Branding2008 - Article in journal  Brands and Branding: 
A critique of Nation Branding trends. 

10/1002004 - Book published by Bell Roberts, article by Andrew Lamprecht: 
10 curators 100 artists: Art in a Democratic South Africa.