Special educational needs and disability (SEND) - we accept anyone of any ability to come and train with us - Karate and sports should be open to everyone. However, not everyone wants to just join in with mainstream sessions so we also offer adapted Karate sessions, these can be done during or after normal school hours.
Our lead instructor has plenty of experience working with SEND students including the "Playground to Podium" initiative, he has recently qualified as a Level 2 Coach with the Disability Karate Federation - www.disabilitykarate.co.uk/

New projects are planned in September with a local SEND day care centre and a large secondary school in Trowbridge. We will also run a 5 week course for SEND students as part of community sessions and a local SEN group who are seeking activities for their children.

If you would like to request a free demo for your school or group then please contact us on info@zenshotokankarate.co.uk