ZEN’s Mission statement

To promote good quality Karate and return our Martial Art to its original high standards.


We are a Traditional Martial Arts Club in the Wiltshire and Somerset area, we currently train in the Westbury and Warminster areas. We practice Shotokan style Karate including aspects of self defence, some of which are typically seen as being from other styles or mixed Martial Arts but are all included in the full Shotokan Karate system.

 Our sessions are relaxed and in a family friendly environment where you can gradually learn Karate and everything it involves. You can train alongside people who have also recently started but learn from students who have been training for several years. There isn't a requirement to be super fit although you will gradually notice an increase in fitness and agility, Martial Arts training is also accredited with weight loss and increased levels of concentration and self confidence.

If you are interested in trying Karate then just turn up on one of our training nights, please find plenty of information on the website but if there is anything else you would like to know then please email info@zenshotokankarate.co.ukThe first 2 WEEKS are FREE! There is no pressure to join or sign contracts etc. All of our fees are kept to a minimum, just wear loose clothing and bring a drink. Ideally 6 years or older - there is no upper age limit - we may consider younger if training together as a family.

Check out our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/zenkarate2

All of our instructors/staff are fully insured, Enhanced DBS checked and have First Aid Training. The Child Support Officer and main instructor have attended the Safeguarding and Protecting Children course, the instructors regularly attend training courses to keep their skills sharp and in top form. The Chief Instructor holds a UKCC accredited Level 2 Certificate in the Principles and Preparations for Coaching Sport (QCF) qualification. We are members of the IMASA who provide our insurance and guidance to ensure we maintain professional training areas for all of our students and anyone who would like to train with us. 

"The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory or defeat but in the perfection of the character of its participants."  - Gichin Funakoshi


"I have previously practiced Tang Soo Do for 6 years in Cambridge, after relocating to Somerset it took me a while to find a club with the right balance of friendliness, discipline and being well structured. I joined ZEN Shotokan Karate 6 months ago and thoroughly enjoy the club, syllabus and training. Sensei Malcolm King has the ability and discipline to keep everyone moving and progressing at the pace they should be whilst keeping them on track to achieve their next grade. My goal is to achieve my Black Belt, this is an achievable goal with committed training and help from the Sensei" - Alison.

"The club excels at being accessible for all people regardless of age and ability, it has got whatever it is that needs to be done to make it work. I really like that we challenge faux traditions if they don’t make sense, e.g. the load and launch of Gedan in kata rather than the ‘you’re sweeping someone behind you’ leg step, we learn the true meaning of the techniques from an early stage." - Ross