This is my attempt to restore a G500, not museum quality but a daily radio that I can take everywhere, and not worry about it being beat up.

It's my first attempt to build a radio, using several schematics, reading the resistors, capacitors, using another G500 chassis as a blueprint for parts location, and for missing parts. 

If it blows up, so be it, its a learning curve and I'm learning. The resistors, capacitors are like greek writing, and the new parts codes is different so that's a handicap. All in all, it's learning, the sourced chassis was $20.00, the radio was $45.00, and new parts. So it's not a deal breaker, just labor intensive.

Before restoring the case:

As you can see, it looks like shit. The knobs and the buttons came with the radio.

The antenna is broken, I've lost a single push button somewhere, antenna is easy to locate, the button maybe a bit more difficult to locate, I will keep looking in my shop.

I sourced a antenna for the radio, it needs repair, and I have the parts.

The case was damaged, joints were loose, a hole was cut in the side.

After restoring the case:

As you can see I put it back together exactly like the G500, everything was re-glued, since all of the joints were dry with no holding power, broken wood was repaired, holes were covered up.

As you can see I chose to put in the extra tube holder on the back door from the H500.

Rebuilding the chassis:

The chassis has no rust anywhere, it has everything I need, the tower has been rebuilt.

The Celenium Rectifier is upgraded to a silicon diode.

The electrical cord has been replaced, modified to the 1950's.

The capacitors that are a hazard are replaced, the capacitors that are ceramic are left in place. 

The resistors are replaced.

The tower has been disassembled, rebuilt, some capacitors are replaced, all resistors, are replaced.


I was fortunate that I tested the tubes out and several of them tested as good on my old, old, chingaderas tester from the 1950's. 

Funny I have two testers, one is for the larger TV tubes and the other is for radio tubes, naturally I grabbed the one for the larger tubes and it's like WTF! I didn't realize that I had two tube testers.