Portfolio Companies

Red Hot Media International Limited

In 2004 we provided seed capital to the founder of Red Hot Media International Limited which enabled him to successful undertake a management buy-out of the core business of the Red Hot Media International Limited Group (RHG).

RHG provides advertising brokerage and media in Malaysia, China, and Hong Kong. In addition,it also offers advertising space, data base management, Internet, and other electronic commerce services to a wide spectrum of corporate clients in Asia region. The company also operates RedHot AxChange, an online trading platform that provides an electronic marketplace to transact in media industry for media owners, advertisers, channels, and members.

RHG was listed on Aims market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) years ago and was subsequently de- listed from LSE in 2015 as a result of a group reorganization which involved a backdoor listing of its core business into PUC Founders (MSC) Bhd a listed company in Bursa Saham Malaysia. 

Maslog IT Solutions Sdn Bhd

In 2004 we provided seed capital to the founders of Maslog IT Solutions Sdn Bhd ("Maslog"). Zenith Capital made it possible for the founding entrepreneurs of Maslog to raise initial capital in a short amount of time while gaining access to the resources of Zenith Capital's partnership.

Today Maslog (
a MSC status company) through hard work and perseverance over the years has evolved and transformed into a significant player as a logistic solution provider in the broad transportation sector. It provides an integrated system that enables logistic players to operate efficiently  and effectively by equipping them with latest IT advancements, helping them to re-invent working methodologies, creating paperless solutions, and streamlining logistic software. Maslog's solutions are now widely adopted by companies in the business of International Freight Forwarder, Consolidators, Warehouse Provider, Forwarder, Transporter, and N.V.O.C.C.

Further information on Maslog can be found on its websitehttp://www.maslog.com.my/