Zenith Capital is a venture capital management company. Deren is the sole shareholder of Zenith Capital. Zenith Capital has been operating for seven years since formation in 2004. The company manages funds secured from high net worth private individuals and family owned funds which are deployed in investment opportunities identified by us.

We focus our investment activity on small size companies that requires early and growth stage funding. Sectors that our funds have been involved are New Media and Internet, Software and System Support, Wireless Technologies and Education Software Support.

We partner with quality angel investors and micro VC’s to build a network of help for young companies. Discovery seed investments can be as small as $50k and as large as $1m.Our fund enables entrepreneurs to raise initial capital in a short amount of time while gaining access to the resources of the Zenith Capital's  partnership.We create partnerships with entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of creation and support them as their companies grow and evolve.