Zenith Capital Partners is a venture capital management company founded by Deren Tan in 2004. Deren started his career in the financial sector specializing in investment banking. After more than fifteen years he left the investment banking industry to start Zenith Capital.

Zenith Capital manages pool of private funds from individualĀ  and family-owned funds. As general partners (GP), we identify investment opportunities in private companies that requires early and growth stage funding. Successful venture stage companies should embody the prime element of a sustainable company, clarity of purpose with a clear sense of the direction they wanted to head.

AsĀ  investors, we strive to be the best partners for entrepreneurs to maintain trust and more importantly provide an environment where the inherent creativity and innovation within entrepreneurs are maintained. Additionally, we also bring a breadth of insight into the relationship we have with entrepreneurs from working with many different companies.

We create an optimal partnerships with entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of creation and support them as their companies grow and evolve.