Office: PAB 4-742

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Bhaumik Institute for Theoretical Physics at UC Los Angeles. I obtained my BA and MA from Cambridge University, and a PhD at Stony Brook University as a student of George Sterman.

My research interests include:
(1) Perturbative quantum chromodynamics (QCD) in collider experiments such as the LHC, including resummation, effective field theory, and fixed-order corrections.

(2) Scattering amplitudes and the unitarity method, with applications to integration-by-parts, differential equations, and ultraviolet properties of supergravity theories.

I am currently involved in the BlackHat Collaboration, in an ongoing effort to develop numerical unitarity methods for NNLO QCD calculations.

Links to my publications: INSPIRE | arXiv
Link to my CV.


2010 – 2015: PhD in Physics, C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stony Brook University. PhD Advisor: George Sterman.  Research areas: Perturbative QCD, Effective field theories.

2009-2010: Master in Mathematics, Distinguished class, Cambridge University (DAMTP), United Kingdom. Master study area: Theoretical particle physics.

2006-2009: BA with first class honors in Physics, Top 5 of class, Cambridge University, United Kingdom.


2016: President’s Award to Distinguished Doctoral Student, Stony Brook University.
            (Awarded annually to five doctoral graduates)

2006-2010: Cambridge Overseas Scholarship, Cambridge University, UK

2007: Percy Pemberton Prize for Distinguished Undergraduate Student, Trinity College, Cambridge University, UK
            (Awarded annually to two first-year undergraduate students of Trinity College)

2006: One of the 15 finalists at British Physics Olympiad.

Selected Talks

1. Towards multi-jet production at NNLO, Topical Workshop on QCD Structure of Nucleons in the Modern Era, UC Los Angeles, May 2017. (Slides)

2. New integration-by-parts techniques for gravity amplitudes, QCD Meets Gravity Workshop, UC Los Angeles, Dec 2016. (Slides)

3. Partial N3LL + NNLO resumation for WW production under a jet veto, LoopFest XV Conference, University at Buffalo, Aug 2016. (Slides)

4. Jet vetoes and discrete symmetries, QCD Factorization Workshop, University at Buffalo, Nov 2015. (Slides)

5. Effective Field Theory for Higgs plus Jet Production, Argonne National Laboratory, Nov 2014. (Slides)

6. Parton Luminosity Shapes and Threshold Resummation in SCET and Direct QCD, XIth Annual Workshop on Soft-Collinear Effective Theory, Technical University of Munich, Mar 2014. (Slides)