Your files. When and where you need them.


What are zenFolders ?

zenFolders are virtual folders that do all of your searching and organizing for you. Utilizing Google Desktop Search, zenFolders dynamically generate content from your search results, collecting all of the relevant files into one convenient place.

Say you are creating a project on cellular technology, a topic for which you have been amassing pictures, documents, and videos all over your hard drive for the last month. Just create a
zenFolder called "cellular" and it’s done! No searching, no sorting; it’s all there for you.

These folders don’t really exist on your computer—they only appear as folders. But anything that has to do with your topic is brought together with just one click.

Why are zenFolders useful ?

zenFolders take Google Desktop Search to the next level. Before, we could only see the files we wanted; we couldn’t do much with them. Searches couldn’t be saved. We had to go through Internet Explorer. It just wasn’t convenient.

But with zenFolders, all that’s changed. Now, we can save searches and group them in a way that makes sense. We can have files that appear in several folders. And these folders do so much more—they filter themselves for specific extensions, they search for files that were created or accessed in certain time periods; they even create subdirectories for easier sorting. All with fewer commands and less complicated search strings.

What are the requirements for using zenFolders ?

zenFolders require Google Desktop Search to operate. Google Desktop Search is a part of Google Pack which can be downloaded for free on the Download page. zenFolders have been tested on Windows2000 and Windows XP, however, Google Pack is available only on WindowsXP. For Windows2000 you must download Google Desktop.

How much do zenFolders cost ?

zenFolders are free.

zenFolders - Search folders for Windows 2000/XP