Firing Costs

What we Have:
Our studio has 2 electric kilns and a gas kiln to help you fire your work. If you have ceramic objects that you would like fired, we can help. Or if you have a really cool idea that you would like to bring to life...we can help with that as well.


We have a couple different options for you to choose from:

For a single piece:

Take the height of your piece, add width in the widest dimension and multiply by .75 cents.
So, if you have a mug that is 4.5" tall and 3.5" wide (handled side), take 4.5 + 3.5 X .75 = $6 to fire a mug
Please allow two to three weeks for the piece to be fired.

For a kiln load:

Small electric kiln load in our 6 cubic ft. kiln:
Large electric kiln load 9.9 cubic ft. kiln: $180
firing in our large 40 cubic ft. gas reduction kiln: $300

Each of these kilns will be fired by our Zenclay Staff. We are not liable for explosions of your work or any other of the many potential mishaps that may happen during these firings. If you have any questions in regards to costs please contact us.