About me


My name is Kristýna Zemková.

Since October 2018, I am doing my PhD at TU Dortmund under the supervision of Prof. Detlev Hoffmann. My main research interests are quadratic forms over fields of characteristic two and quasilinear p-forms, in particular, the equivalence relations of these forms.

In June 2018, I have finished my Master's degree at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague. Under the supervision of Víťa Kala, I wrote my Master's thesis on composition of integral quadratic forms over number fields. Since 2017, I have been involved in a student research group (together with M. Čech, J. Krásenský, J. Svoboda and M. Tinková) with interests mainly in universal properties of integral quadratic forms.

During my master's, I have spent two semesters abroad: in Spain at UPC (in Barcelona), and in Germany at TU Darmstadt. I have gained a lot of experience there, both academic and personal.

Apart from studying, I am interested in finding ways how to teach mathematics better, both at high schools and universities. My main motivation is that I would like to show the students that mathematics is about understanding, not about memorizing algorithms. Above all, I helped to develop new study materials on high school mathematics: I am a co-author of two advanced high school textbooks published by a significant Czech publishing house Didaktis; one on complex numbers, matrices and basic calculus (published in 2019) and another one on progressions (published in 2018). I was also involved in developing new interactive materials for Techambition; the aim is to encourage high school students to develop mathematical concepts for themselves rather than to memorize them.