Q.  What does massage do?
    A.  Massage therapy is good for many things, such as:
            Relieving stress, (stress is a well-known risk factor for many health problems)
            Improving circulation,
            Helping improve range of motion issues brought on by tight muscles, and
            Relaxing tight muscles to name just a few.  We really recommend that you
            come in and experience for yourself the wonderful benefits of massage.
Q.    Can you help me figure out what a certain problem is?
        A.  No, we do not diagnose or treat any medical injuries or conditions, etc.  For
        that you will need to consult your doctor.  If you are currently under doctor
        supervision for a specific problem (injury, condition, disease, etc.) you will
        need to get your doctor's permission before scheduling your massage.
Q.    Do you take insurance?
        A.  No, currently we are not able to bill insurance companies.  If you have a
              prescription for massage therapy, sometimes depending on the company
              and your plan, they may reimburse all or part of your therapy.  You will
              need to contact your insurance company to see what their policy is.
Q.    Can I be billed for my massages?
         A.  We do not offer billing at this time.  You will need to pay your therapist
               or practitioner when service is rendered.
     Note: Our thanks to Grover Huffman for the beautiful website logo photo, many
                of the photos in our rooms and for the original business card photo.