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until 29-05-2016

Iris, age 71
Bike & hike

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

It`s time to report a tour from our homeland Austria.

Well, we made the bigger distance by train (Vienna to Mariazell).

But then: biking...

The Zellerrainstrasse is a sort of challange.

Starting at the train station Mariazell, we have been riding down to the lake Erlaufsee.

A wonderful and paved path lead us there.

The Zellerrainstrasse stated right on the Westend of the lake.

Winding up to a height of 1.121 meters.

The old Zellerrain road has been a gravel road with a pitch level of 22 %

Today, the road is paved and the pitch level round between 15+ %

I have been on my last sprocket ring.

Enjoy the pictures of my report.

Good luck to our followers!

Ausgangspunkt der bike tour:
(copyright mariazellerland webpage)

start of our travel (Wien West rail road station):

one of our riders at the Wien West station:

bike path way to lake Erlaufsee:

at lake Erlaufsee:

riding near the lake towards Zellerrain road:

arrival at the Zellerrain top:

Rest at the Zellerrain top inn

two riders enjoying a drink:

the other rider...

a downhill ride towards Lunz / See:

arriving in pure nature:

our accomodation:

2nd day: hike Oetscher;

The cable car has lifted us up 600 meters in height and saved our energy:

A brave hiking Bub:

the first snow came into sight:

"Weitblick" means "Far-view"

Resting Bub:

say good by to Oetscher...
from the far the "Rauer Kamm":

Bike back home via Pielachtal valley (to the train at St.Poelten)

passing the Nix-cave at Frankenfels:


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