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Q: I have found the big key, but the big chest in the guardhouse doesn't open!
A: If you haven't noticed yet, this game doesn't use either maps or compass in the dungeons. Instead, we used our creative talents to make two new distinctive items for you to get. The big chest key and the big door key! That means if  you want that chest to open, you need to find the proper key.

Q: I'm lost, I don't know where to go next!
A: Look around, most of the story was changed and so is the monologue so talk to all the people you encounter. There are enough clues hidden everywhere for you to finish this game. Though some things you'll definately have to figure out yourself.

Q: What's the suggested order to take the parallel world dungeons?
A:  While the message box suggests to take Rauru then Ruto, that's mainly because that's how the dungeons are ordered. I would suggest  Impa/Darunia/Rauru -> Nabooru -> Sheik -> Saria -> Ruto .

The Following Questions contains Spoilers!

Q: Where is King Zora?
A: Waterfall in Cannon Oasis, bring some rupees.

Q: Armos Knights in Nayru's Bay is too hard!
A: Takes time, less if you have the boomerang. Stand just under the door.

Q: Can't find keys in Din's Catacombs!
A: A tentacle enemy drops it in a room which seems to require hookshot to cross, if you have that then there's the one at the torch.

Q: I can't bomb open that rock in Lupo Quarry! BUG!
A:  Normal bombs won't work.

Q: How do I get through the lost woods?
A:  Zelda 1lost woods combination (Up Left Down Left), have that in your mind when you read the sign. YOU DO NOT NEED TO COME HERE UNTIL YOU GET TO PARALLEL WORLD.

Q: How about Endless Beach?
A:  Have you wondered what the arrows in the quarry mean?

Q: Impa's ways boss isn't dropping the crystal!
A:  Kill the boss last.

Q: I'm really stuck about Nabooru's Hole! I can't find it anywhere!
A:  Lupo Quarry, go check the bomb shop, the new bomb may be on sale... if you meet a certain condition.

Q: How about Rauru's Ruins!
A:  Look in Impa's ways, there's more than 1 exit... one of these leads to the Ether Medallion, use that at the lake.

Q: How about Darunia's Caverns!
A:  Look in Impa's ways, there's more than 1 exit...

Q: I think I figured out the use of the X button!
A:  Good for you, now try that at weird places... such as the library.

Q: What's the purpose of the mysterious tablets?
A: It IS a secret to everybody. Ok fine, there's 7 of them, gotta collect them all!