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This is the long list of people who contributed to the hack, thanks! (although i don't know a majority of you :P)

First I would like to give credit to SePH, for sticking with me for so long and keeping so quiet about this project.

Thanks SePH (Orochimaru)!


And also this hack would not be what it is without contributions from the following:

Richyawyingtmv    New music

Daisuke - Link's sprite, Mothula and various (Main spriter)

.TakaM - Wooden house, beach, palm trees shadows and various

GanonSpriteR - Draegor, Title screen master sword

aab - Snowland, lavaland miscellaneous

NoeL - Alternate mountain tiles

Calvein - Grass pattern

Geckkko - Barn tiles

Bearer - Wooden house tiles

Revan - Some ship tiles

Hero Of Fire - Cemetary Gate

Dark Link - Shields

Retro - Triforce statues

Reshaper256 - SpritePalettesByRooms asm patch

JaSp - For his day/night asm patch

d4s - For finding how to change the hardcoded grass palette

NEONswift - Area names idea, finding how to move some hardcoded areas

Omega45889 - For finding Draegor's name, various

MathOnNapkins - Help and his documents (and help here and there on asm)

KTurbo - Beta testing and suggestions

GameMakr24 - Inspiration

Duke Serkol - Lots of Ideas

Sephiroth3 - For his editor Hyrule Magic

FuSoYa - For his tool zcompress

Ryusui - For his tool TheCheat (now don't say people don't use your program)

Danaelo - For his FAQ layout

AstroBlue - For those triforce headers!


And Finally...

You, the player - For playing this game!

- Euclid