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Not every hack is perfect!



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Here's where the bug list will go... if there is enough of them I may have to release a version 2.0.


Bugs So far:

  • If you are filling hearts from a fairy and catching one at the same time the message box disappears... this is one of the prices I have to pay for using the Ocarina of Time screen layout.  (you can still press A as if the message box is still there)
  • Sometimes when you walk through a door which closes behind you, you walk through the closed door graphic instead... there's a lot of these and it takes way to long to find them all and fix them (an extra year perhaps?)
  • Nayru's Bay boss stops shooting.
  • Message box disappears when you talk to zelda as she refills your hearts.
  • Do not enter the door when fighting the boss in Saria's Gardens
  • Do not attempt to move to the left or right screen when you're at the Parallel World Church. 
  • LOTS of typos.