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Ridgerunner, a Traditional Nokota® stallion in some very traditional
Nokota® habitat just east of the Missouri River.  The Nokota® horse was molded by the unforgiving topography and climate of North Dakota's more rugged recesses into an exceptionally robust and ultimately unique breed, as other areas and climates exerted different evolutionary pressures on their wild horses, hence the variations between wild horse populations.  But the Nokotas® still carry many of the traits common to the Native American and early ranch horses of the northern plains, like Ridgerunner's blue roan coloration, his extremely sloping and square when viewed from behind "tom-cat" hindquarters, the feathering uncommon in such small horses that allows him to comfortably paw through even ice-crusted snow in search of winter browse, and his calm demeanor that emphasizes thought before action.   

These horses, due to competing land uses and National Park Service policies, no longer exist as a viable population in the wild, and currently only approximately 375 fully foundation individuals exist. The vast majority of Nokota® horses live on the Kuntz Ranch in North Dakota , as the Kuntz brothers have dedicated more than two decades and all they have to saving this breed from extinction. Their efforts, combined with those of an ever-increasing cadre of Nokota® supporters, have led to a number of great successes, including convincing the North Dakota state government to name the Nokota® the honorary state equine, capturing spots in various media from ABC World News to Horse Illustrated magazine, and the formation of the non-profit Nokota® Horse Conservancy, which now makes the Nokota horse's survival even more certain.
We expect to have several foals to Buckbrush in the spring, and he is presently on loan to France where foals can be expected as early as October 2012

Since the summer of 2000 I have helped along side the Kuntz family & Nokota® supporters in the struggle to preserve the Nokota® breed, and my marriage to Emma, a Swede who's heart has likewise been captured by these horses, opened up many new possibilities.  Thus, we have now just completed the second Nokota® importation to Europe, with each shipment totaling 5 youngsters and 6 adults all quarantined and personally escorted throughout the entire process, and new interest has grown rapidly across France, Sweden, and beyond as many people are exposed to these wonderfully enjoyable and robust horses for the first time.  We hope and plan to continue to assist those who are searching for a truly athletic yet easy to care for and intelligent equine partner find the perfect Nokotas®.  Both of these importations have been joint ventures that we plan and orchestrate but happily cooperate with others Nokota® buyers.  Since we have such a long history with these horses and I am even the registrar of the breed we find it very enjoyable to help potential new owners, even if they can't visit the herd in North Dakota, make their selection based upon
disposition, gender, size, color, pedigree, etc, and have also begun the training for these horses so that they truly are ready for a transcontinental journey.  By importing more horses at one time we can greatly reduce the costs per horse, and we only split these costs evenly while not charging anything for our time.  We are always eager to hear from anyone interested in this all too little known breed with so much to offer, so please do not hesitate to contact us!
Cell phone: +46 (0)70-539 01 61
Landline: +46 (0)660 22 53 10


Nokota is a registered trademark of the Nokota Horse Conservancy.

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