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Melvyn Clarke

Living and working in CZ since 1990. BA Czech and Slovak – School of Slavonic and East European Studies in London - tutored by David Short, Robert Pynsent and Karel Brušák. My work is reviewed by Hana Jirkalová, my Czech partner, who for over 30 years was Editor-in-Chief at Ctenář, a professional magazine for librarians. Together we translated  Kdo první vynalezl, objevil, vyrobil (Who Invented, Discovered, Made the First...) by Kenneth Ireland (the first draft into Czech was mine). More recent translations into English have included Hrdý Budžes (B. Proudew) and
O bílých slonech (White Elephants)  by Irena Dousková, plus extracts from  Mandarini (Mandarins) by Stanislav Komárek and Slečno, Raz přichází (The Knacker's Coming, Miss) by Edgar Dutka - with a special citation from the Czech Ministry of Culture.

Specialist areas: legal, commercial, journalism, advertising and marketing, librarianship, archive work, literature, non-fiction, accounting, meteorology, town planning, linguistics, banking, construction, education, entertainment, theatre, video, cinema, food and drink (menus), hotels and catering, human resources, IT, insurance, publishing, water management, tourism, sports. 

Clients include the Office of the President, the Senate of the Czech Parliament, the Academy of Sciences Archive, Institute for Czech Literature, Institute of Slavonic Studies, Czech TV, Czech Radio, Patria Finance and Sitel.

References available upon request. Annotated samples of my translation work can be found here.  

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Skype lessons - consultations, micro-lessons or classic hour-long lessons with a special focus on Czech-English translation issues.