Meirav Zehavi

Last Update (May 2020): Will serve on the PC of SODA'21, SOFSEM'21, CSR'21, SoCG'21, ICALP'21 and IPEC'21 (as chair); Awarded Krill Prize for Excellence in Scientific Research.

I am an assistant professor (senior lecturer) at the department of Computer Science at Ben-Gurion University, Israel. I am currently recruiting excellent graduate students and postdoctoral students. Interested students with proven achievements are welcome to send me an email with a short cover letter and CV.

Research Interests: Kernelization (Main), Parameterized Complexity and Algorithms (Main), Computational Geometry (Secondary), Approximation Algorithms (Secondary), Computational Social Choice (Secondary), Bioinformatics (Secondary).

Email: zehavimeirav at

My CV is embedded below.