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Release notes

Release note (v.3.70):
- Debugged data filtering for WS_std and WD_std for SWIM and SWIM-2    
- Warning if Igor 7
- pop up buttons for each graph on the Explore panel (Improvement added by L. Poulain)
- Boolean summary of trajectory options displayed after each run.
- //advanced users// manual possibility to account for the uncertainty of trajectory, by inserting an increasing 2-D Gaussian noise along trajectory.

download Release note here

Release note (v.3.60):
- Openair calculation available. ZeFir controls the Polarplot function through automated R scripting.

Release note (v.3.50):
- Added the license agreement before building ZeFir Panel
- Trajectory maps are scaled, and have fixed height
- added Compare Maps: new panel to compared two trajectory analysis maps.
- New Re-weight procedure
- Debugged the trajectory option where traj is ignored if ending altitude is above PBL
- State and Province boundaries are downloadable from ZeFir website. DOWNLOAD

Release note (v.3.40):
- Debugged MS calculation with CF
- added possibility to ignore backtrajectory if it ends above PBL
- Hooked all windows to ZeFir main panel

Release note (v.3.321):
- Debugged SafeChecks which caused calculation abortion

Release note (v.3.32):
- Check for update in the ZeFir Menu
- Debugged cluster analysis

Release note (v.3.31):
- font and fsize parameters added to all interactions in order to prevent changes of display from a computer to another.
- replaced error messages in the history by Doalert panels.

Release note (v.3.30):
- added a supplementary & independant module to calculate backtrajectories from a simplified panel which controls the scripts provided in the HYSPLIT software package. So far, only GDAS file can be used. Further improvements will follow.

Release note (v.3.20):
- added cluster analysis. Calculation is done through the HYSPLIT scripts (the PC-based version of HYSPLIT is mandatory. Click here for more information).
- added possibility the explore backtrajectories directly in ZeFir, or from a standalone panel. They can be color-coded by date, altitude, or concentration.
- minor bug concerning cutoff option by precipitation. Rain column wasn't found if precipitation is the only additionnal meteo. parameter.

Release note (v.3.11):
- added continuous weighing function for trajectory analyses (sigmoid-like function). Weighing coefficients can be calculated from 3 parameters only instead 7 with a regular discrete function. More details included in the manual.

Release note (v.3.10):
- added possibility to use 2-D matrices as input data. In this case, ZeFir aks the user to provide the column number to use.
- added possibility to use calculated percentile values for concentration & ext. var. min & max thresholds. For example, to use the 10th percentile, type "p10"
- added possibility to perform automatic seasonal calculations for all seasons in one run. Be careful: the 4 seasons need to be present in the dataset, otherwise errors are expected.
- added SWIM & SWIM-2 methods for wind analyses.
- added pollution roses
- optimized user interface
jean-eudes petit,
Mar 9, 2018, 5:56 AM