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The objective of this site is to inform the small business community on how to manage your business using information technology (IT). Larger corporate companies use IT to dominate the markets they operate in, gain market share and maximize profits. 1800CRM is the equalizer that will help you to correct this. Small businesses can now equip themselves with the knowledge, process and software tools to compete and win in the new economy.

Knowledge is power - the small business manager can empower every employee with a holistic view of the entreprise so that they can work more effectively, take pride in their work and contribute to a profitable enterprise. Ultimately, the success of the enterprise lies in it's profitability - which in turn is linked to business processes in the management, sales, marketing, technical support, administration and manufacturing divisions. The 1800CRM site contains information on the "who, when, how, why and what" of a successful business management system. There are a number of Business Owner's Guides listed on the left hand panel - please feel free to download them for your use. There is no charge or consulting fee for this and the authors will be happy to answer any questions by email or telephone.

Take control - you need to understand the why of successful business management IT here to start


Ihe word "Business Management" is used frequently in place of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as the authors feel that CRM is a buzzword that is frequently mis-understood. Business management is easly understood by most business men.

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