Home of the Flying Saucer U.F.O. Club Android Application

 Email me at zdevzee@gmail.com if you have any questions or problems about the Flying Saucer U.F.O. Club application on the Android Market.
Alert: A new updated released on 9.17.2010 should allow M.O.U members to login!
Alert: A recent update allows non-members to browse the stores' beer lists!

Flying Saucer U.F.O. Club Android Features
  • View beers by as either tasted or untasted
  • Filter beers by container type, style, country, or brewer
  • Indicators showing in which container the beer comes
  • Beer descriptions are available by clicking any beer
  • List of New beers are available (you must log in several times for new beers to appear)
  • Note:  You need a membership to the U.F.O. Club in order to login
Change Log:
  • 1.06 - Fixed another login bug, database problems, indicators, and empty lists.
  • 1.10 - Improved beer dialog, new beers list.
  • 1.11 - Fixed database bug.
  • 1.15 - New filter dialog, improved login page, fixed database and UI bugs.
  • 1.20 - Added about screen, email database to developer, reset beer database.  Added icons as indicators.  Fixed other bugs.
  • 1.22 - Added indicators to all screens.  Fixed database queries.
  • 1.23 - Fixed sorting bug.
  • 1.52 - Fixed problems with blank beer lists.
  • 1.75 - Allows user to access stores' beer lists without membership!
  • 1.91 - Many improvements with database.  Allows M.O.U members to login!
Putting in your credentials
Your home screen
Your untasted beer list
View information about your prospective beer
Sort by container, style, brewer, and country
Sort by container type
Sort by any individual style(s)
View by date tasted
View by style
View recently added beers