This is my collection so far or whats left of it (take your pic).  i started collecting again w/ the classics line around the beginning of '07.  and it all started w/ classics astrotrain; damn him!!  I was blown away by how awesome of a figure he was and it spurred a spending frenzy much to my delight and much to my wife's dismay.  i simply love transformers.  I am not particularly partial to any one series, but i do have my favorites.  the RID series really grew on me, Energon and cybertron had its ups and downs, then i got my first Masterpiece, and got to workin' on collecting all of them.  of course i have been (during the whole time) trying to get all the binals and alternators along the way.  I basically have all or most of my favorite figures from each of the series.  What can i say, i am addicted to plastic crack!  thank you HasTak.  My wallet really appreciated it!  Barry