“It's easier making a smaller film like El Mariachi. There are no budget worries because there is no budget.
There is no crew problem because there is no crew. And if you screw up, no one is around to see you screw up
 -- so it's no longer a screw up.”

Robert Rodriguez



The NEW and IMPROVED Zed Fest Screenplay Competition!!!
$1,000.00 Grand Prize*
Year-round Competitions
More Genres
Free “Script For Sale” listings for winning screenplays**
Zed Fest is trying a different approach to screenplay competitions. We will be hosting four different genre cycles throughout the year. Each genre cycle will feature a “Bonus Category” which will be awarded scoring bonuses.  i.e. In the ACTION genre, screenplays that have significant “Shoot’em Up” elements, with lots of gunfire and explosions, will be given bonus scoring points in relation to the amount of “Shoot’em Up” elements in the screenplay. (shooting a few rounds form a Colt revolver…maybe a point or two. Mowing down a jungle with an electric Gatling Gun…now you’re talking!)
In each quarterly cycle, finalist screenplays will be awarded a special category title, like “BEST CREATURE FEATURE” or an “OFFICIAL SELECTION” designation, and will receive an award certificate, a Zed Fest T-shirt, and a free “Script For Sale” listing (a $30.00 value) on our website. In addition to being listed on our “WINNERS” page on the Zed Fest website.
All Special Category and Official Selections from each cycle will be evaluated in a final round, the Grand Prize Winner to be announced and awarded $1,000.00(One Thousand Dollars).
Bear in mind that the philosophy of Zed Fest is all about lo/no budget filmmaking. Screenplays that appear to be producible for little to no money will fare better than multimillion dollar extravaganzas.
Entry Fee $25.00
Genre Categories and Cycle Seasons
Fall - Action / Shoot’em Up
Winter - Sci-Fi / Robots
Spring - Horror / Zombies
Summer - Open Genre / Steampunk

Lights! Camera!....
Zed Fest is now accepting submissions for our Fall Screenplay Competition Cycle, ACTION FLICKS!
As an added twist, we will be awarding a scoring bonus to Action Screenplays that feature big “Shoot ‘Em Up scenes.
Screenplays should follow standard format, and be 80-120 pages.
Entry Fee $25
Make Money Order payable to Ed Stephens (memo: Zed Fest)
Mail to:
Zed Fest
c/o Ed Stephens
P.O.Box 11293
Burbank, CA 91510


Download and return the Script rules and release.pdf attachment at the bottom or the page.
Fill it out completely and email it with your submission to:
Submission deadline is December 31st, 2010
Finalists will be announced January 31st, 2011





*The awarding of the $1,000.00 Grand Prize is contingent upon participation volume. In the event of insufficient participation volume Zed Fest reserves the right to not award a Grand Prize, and instead elect to award a winner in each cycle $100.00 (one hundred dollars) or more depending upon participation volume. In the event of more than sufficient participation, the Grand Prize amount will be increased accordingly. 
**Zed Fest will soon introduce a service to list scripts that are available for sale. Screenplays that are awarded a Special Category or Official Selection award will be offered the option to list their winning screenplay for sale, for free for one year (a $30.00 value). A Grand Prize Winner has the option to list their winning screenplay for as long as Zed Fest exists.


Zed Fest Film Festival,
Oct 1, 2010, 10:57 AM