Zeb's is a 501c3 that exists solely on private donations, small grants and fundraising. Donations go directly to help the animals we rescue. There are no paid positions within Zeb's.

Your Money:
The generosity of our donors helps us continue to give hope to the hopeless. Please consider donation to Zebs Wish. Your entire donation goes directly to the care of the rescues. From food, to veterinary fees to warm blankets and medicine. we know that every donation is precious.
In addition, we have an Equine Angels program that allows you to directly support the one member of herds care on a regular basis. In return, you will receive regular specific updates and phots sent directly to you!
To find out how your dollars will be used, visit the The Herd page.

Your time: many hands make light work and there is MUCH to be done on the sanctuary every day!

Visit or volunteer page to see how your hands can help!
Your Prayer: We do everything at that sanctuary with Spirit in the forefront. We believe that it is through the Creators blessings that we are able to help these souls and in turn, allow them the opportunity to heal others thus completing the circle. It is through gratitude to Spirit that we can rejoice in all the of the magic the occurs on the Sanctuary. It is through prayer and petition that we manifest goodness and compassion for all who enter its gates.