About Zeb's Wish

Our Mission
To create a healing space for hearts and bodies, both equine and human, while fostering an ethic of oneness with Spirit and the Earth. 
The Zeb’s Wish Story
Zeb’s Wish Equine Sanctuary started 14 years ago with the rescue of a blind and starving mule named Zebediah.

Over the years of shared trials and triumphs together, Zeb taught many about the power of faith and compassion, trust and forgiveness.  His inspiration has continued even after his crossing at the age of 50.  Since Zeb’s arrival, we have provided rescue and sanctuary for 17 horses, donkeys and mules coming from dire situations, some came off the slaughter truck destined for the meat packers of Canada, some from horrendous abuse, and some who were starved, beaten or abandoned. All are allowed the time, compassion and space to blossom into the precious beings that the Creator has meant them to be, to know unconditional love, to provide healing to others and to die with dignity knowing they were cherished.
All of our permanent herd has special needs that render them 'unadoptable' in the traditional sense but with appropriate care, they ALL can have happy and healthy lives.
The majority of our herd are in their golden years (as a matter of fact- most are over 20, some over 30 one over 40!) and require special concentrated pelleted diets to help accommodate for lack of teeth and other age related health challenges.
The herd receives integrated health care; from traditional and homeopathic veterinary care to natural hoof care, Reiki energy work, chiropractic and massage therapy. Although the need is great, our herd is small, as we never take on more horses than we can afford to give the utmost care to. 
As opposed to traditional rescue, rehab and adopt programs, most of our animals stay with us until they cross the rainbow bridge which means that there will never be any recoup of expenses through adoption fees. It is this model which makes the act of sanctuary an expensive ordeal and our reliance on donors is great.
To get an an idea of what it costs to care for these elders, please take a look at the "Our Herd" page and please consider making a donation or even better, becoming a sustaining sponsor for one of the herd. It is through the pennies of many that the miracles happen.
To schedule a visit to Zebs Wish, please send us an email at zebswishsanctuary@gmail.com  

We also offer Equine Assisted Learning programs, School field trips, service learning classes, spiritual retreats,  Woofer and weekly volunteer opportunities here at the Sanctuary in Sandy, Oregon!
With our greatest thanks in your support. 
The staff and Herd at Zeb's Wish