Happy Holidays from Zeb's Wish

Zebs Wish would like to wish everyone everywhere a peaceful holiday season. We are grateful for our supporters near and far who hold the hope of love and compassion for our equines and each other in their hearts. For a beautiful Holiday reflection on Compassion and giving, read Suzi's recent reflection "Compassion in Action"  here

As this year comes to a close, if you have room in your Holiday Giving please consider a donation to Zeb's Wish 


Any contribution is welcome.  You can contribute 3 ways. Contribute at the bottom of this page.

  1. Make a one time contribution at one of the sponsorship levels below
  2. Make a small monthly contribution (auto withdrawal from your bank).  Just $8.33 a month (a quarter a day) gets you to the "Friend of the Herd" Level at $100 a year!
  3. Just make a one time donation of any amount you want.

We appreciate your generosity in offering hope to the hopeless and a new life at the sanctuary for each these special animals. Each one of our herd members requires their own specialized feed and supportive care to give them all they need to stay healthy and happy!!! Here is break down of each category and examples of what your herd sponsorship supports:
Sponsorship Levels
The Herd receives 2 months of arthritis medication for Bud or one month of bronchial medication for Bodhi.

$250 - GUARDIAN:     
-The herd receives hay for a full month 

$500 - 
-The herd receives, natural hoof care for 64 hooves (that's three months of farrier work folks...)

-The Herd receives just about everything they need for care and food for one whole month!

You can sponsor the herd at the above levels through monthly payments making it really easy to contribute. For example, the "Friend of the Herd" level is only $8.33/month.  That's about a quarter per day! 

Your contributions are multiplied by
 the generous in-kind services of the many horse care professionals who routinely donate veterinary, acupuncture, massage and chiropractic care to keep the herd healthy and happy.

 Donate any amount