Simone Bodève continued her social engagement , La Petite Lotte is republished by Ollendorff in 1911 and received some excellent reviews. The consensus seemed to be that it was a strong novel about child welfare. Lucien Maury in La Revue Bleue however finds it uneven and doesn’t like the last third which he finds too far-fetched. It is easy to disagree with Maury after finding out more about Simone's background.  Maury's concluded  that 'Simone Bodève is a writer to think about'. ' Ollendorf published a paperback and a hardback version of the novel and there were three editions. Claire Geniaux wrote that 'Lotte' received only a small amount of publicity. 
Paul Valdagne from 'Touche A Tout' did not agree with Maury's  and saw in the third part  a feedback for social reformers.  L’Enfant , A Belgian children's welfare magazine also positively reviewed Lotte and published Simone’s article ‘Les enfants dans la rue' (The child in the streets).”