Michael Stavaric (Czech Republic/Austria)
original text in German
 A few things about life
One should always overdo it
Never lay down to sleep
See the world with 12-hour eyes

Within the next hours
I shall lead you through moods
And soundscapes of all kinds
Days and nights are totally
A different thing than breathe and see

You are perfectly right
No-one should stay alone with their pain
Give me one day only - and when it is finished

Anna Akhmatova

The marked man (Das Lied des Gezeichneten) .
 by franz Werfel 
When death has touched you, no one likes you any more, by the time he takes you away you have already been separated out..

You used to be a happy fellow, you played the piano well, now your circle of friends mysteriously withdraws from you.

Once people used to praise the way you looked so vigorous, now you are sternly sent into your solitary confinement.

Your cheeks have grown smaller, your eyes have grown bigger. Perhaps somebody asks: “What IS the matter with him?”
Before you lied down ready for the last night you have to taste the dry biscuit of ostracism.

And before you can be allowed to disappear from the now empty circle, you will long ago have had to drink the ether-ice of interstellar space.
(translation: Leonard Forster (1957) Penguin Books Harmondsworth/England)

Serious Hour (Ernste Stunde) 
by Rainer Maria Rilke

(Whoever weeps now somewhere in the world
without reason, weeps in the world
weeps because of me.
Whoever laughs now somewhere in the night
Without reason laughs in the night
Laughs at me
Whoever goes now somewhere in the world
Without reason goes in the world,
Goes to me.
Whoever dies now somewhere in the world
Without reason, dies in the world
Looks at me.
(translated by D.A. Hoffman, May 2003)