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Report -the legacy of Charles Darwin in ecology. (based on BBC programme, Darwin's Dangerous Idea part 3) examining works by Charles Darwin, Charles Russell Wallace, Ernst Haeckel, William Morris, James William Tutt, Charles S Elton, Rachel Carson, James Lovelock, Thomas F Goreau/Thomas J Goreau, Norman Myers - presented by Andrew Marr, BBC Open University.

LSE presents: Twenty Years after the Fall of the Iron Curtain, have our dreams come true? (2009)
speakers: Jan Krzysztof Bielecki (Poland), Jan Carnogursky (Slovakia), Vaclav Havel (Czech Republic), Geza Jeszenszky (Hungary), Markus Meckel (Germany),
chairman: Edward Lucas (UK)

OGB Austria presents: The Life and Times of Robert Owen
(2002) speaker: Hugo Pepper

(tips on taking notes and writing discussion reports see chapter 06 from "Advanced" language class course)

30 Years  - time to Repeal the anti Trade-Union laws!
speakers: Jackie Pollock
Gregg Sachno
Professor Keith Ewing
Jimmy Kelly
Unite Buildings, Antrim Road, Belfast
May 22. 2015