from Actor to Zookeeper
professions depicted in arts, translated from English into French, German, Spanish, Czech and Irish.

by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
antiquarian by Norman Rockwell
architect by Alfred Kingsley Lawrence
baker by John Cranch
bartender by Edouard Manet
bookkeeper by Norman Rockwell
bookseller by Calum Morrison
butcher by George Chapman
butler by John Percy Jacomb Wood
carpenter by Luca Calevarijs
clergyman by Beryl Trist Newman
cook by Lois Mailou Jones
cleaner by Emmeline Deane
crane operator by William Rowe
dancer by Edgar Degas
director by Helen Hacking
doctor by Margaret Evangeline Wills
driver by Norah Heysen
engineer by Cliff Rowe
factory worker by Laura Knight
farmer by Jean-François Millet
fisherman by Henry Scott Tuke
florist by Diego Rivera
gardener by Gustave Caillebotte
governess by Emily Marie Osborn
hairdresser by George Pott
hotel manager by Edward Hopper
innkeeper by Anton Seitz
judge by Thomas Gainsborough
labourer by Vincent van Gogh
librarian by Giuseppe Arcimboldo
merchant by Hans Holbein
miner by Herbert Hood Collier
milliner by Louise Breslau
nurse by Romaine Brooks
painter by Rosalba Carriera 
pharmacist by Jos van Bree
pilot by Frank O. Salisbury
professor by Richard Stone
railway worker by William Orpen
reporter by Norman Rockwell
sailors by Janos Vaszary
scientist by Cliff Rowe
seamstress by Beatrice Offor
servant by Harold Gilman 
singer by Camille Louise Fenne
soldier by Elizabeth Thompson, Lady Butler
steelworker by Ivan Bevzenko
stonemason by Diego Rivera
surgeon by Barbara Hepworth
taxi-driver by Carole Spandau
teacher by Lynton Harold Lamb
train-driver by J.G. Woodford
typist - Tatiana Bruni
waitress - Charles Alfred Mozley
weaver - Elizabeth Nourse
woodcutter - William John Hennessy
zookeeper - John Gilroy

PS: we'll add some more as we find them!

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