Duan Xiushi was born in 719, during the reign of Tang Chinese emperor Xuanzong . His father and his grandfather served as military officiers. Duan refused to sit for the Minjing qualification saying "Looking through the book and memorizing sentences is not a great achievement,". Duan later came to serve under the military governor Gao in what is now known as Aksu. In 753, when Gao's successor attacked Greater Bolü (now Gigiz in Pakistan) and after his victory promoted Duan. Two years later, General An-Lushang rebelled at Fanyang (now Beijing), Emperor Suzong ordered that the key military circuits send armies to help  him, Duan advised his superiors to do so. with Li Siye himself in command and Duan as deputy, to join Emperor Suzong at Lingwu. Soon thereafter, Duan's father died, and he spent time in morning. As Li Siye felt that Duan's service was indispensable, he requested that Duan be recalled into active service. In 762, Emperor Suzong died and was succeeded by his son Daizong. Duan volunteered to work in his army as discipline officer, and after one month, there was an incident when 17 of Guo Xi's soldiers, in a dispute with a wine seller, killed him and destroyed the winemaking equipment. Duan arrested them and beheaded them. After negotiating with Duan, Guo Xi was embarrassed and rebuked his soldiers, ordering them to stand down.In 783, Prince Zhu rebelled against the new emperor Dezong  who succeeded his father Daizong. Duan was dispatched with the imperial army and was killed by a soldier despite Zhu's command not to harm him. After Duan's death, Zhu mourned greatly and buried him with honors. When Emperor Dezong heard the news, he also mourned Duan greatly. After Zhu Ci's rebellion was put down in 784, he gave high offices to Duan's sons and erected a monument for Duan, personally writing the title for the monument.
Xiushui Silk Market (Xiùshuĭ Shìchǎng) on Jianguomen Waidajie in Beijing is one of the busiest clothes and accessory markets in Beijing. The range of products is really good and the staff, generally, speak pretty good English. And this is where this metal zebra jewelry box engraved with Czech rhinestones was made. It reminds of cloisonne work for the Qing dynasty and the market is named after the historical figure.