Hungary is one of Europe's oldest countries and was founded in 897 by Arpad. Nowadays, 9,897,247 inhabitants share 93,028 km2.  Inhabitants from Hungary call themselves Magyars after the tribe that first settled there. the most famous tribesman was Attila the Hun who invaded much of Europe. It converted to Christianity under Arpad's great grandson King Stephen in 1,000 AD . After the battle of Mohacs, Hungary came under the control of the Ottoman Empire of Turkey between 1541–1699. Then it came under the control of the Hapsburg empire and between 1867 and 1918, it had a union with the Austrian Empire which was known as Austro-Hungarian Empire. The current borders were established in 1920. 
Magyar is also the name for the  Hungarian language. Goulash is a world famous red stew with meat, potatoes and other vegetables seasoned with paprika, the recipe dates back 1200 years. to these days it is considered bad manner to clink glasses as this was done at the tables of the Austro-Hungarian empire. It has 1,000 thermals springs. . Budapest the capital city is formed by two town Buda and Pest which are located on each side of the Danube river. Budapest Allatkert Zoo opened in 1866.