Al Fuǧaira (now a state of the United Arab Emirates)

Fujeira which covers 1,166 km2,  is located on the Asian continent one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates , and the only one of the seven that has a coastline solely on the Gulf of Oman and none on the Persian Gulf. Fujeira is covered by mountains and has a higher than average yearly rainfall of the UAE, allowing farmers in the region to produce one crop every year. It is estimated that 152,000 people live in Fujeira. Society is quite gender-segregated and mostly Muslim. Since 2006, the weekend has been Friday-Saturday, as a compromise between Friday's holiness to Muslims and the Western weekend of Saturday-Sunday. Drinking of alcohol is only allowed in designated areas. Foreigners are not allowed to buy land.

Fujaira, dominated by the Sharqiyin tribe, sits at the mouth of the important trade route, the Wadi Ham (which is guarded by the Sharqiyin  for at Bithnah,  through the mountains to the interior and the Persian Gulf Coast. Known as the Shamaliyah, the east coast of what is now the UAE was subject to Muscat until 1850. Then it became under British influence, though not a colony and was known as a 'trucidal state'  In 1971, it joined the United Arab Emirates. In the world of stamp collectors, Fujeira was well-known for producing many postage stamps  between and 1964-1972

Clive Feigenbaum

The island of Eynhallow off Orkney/Scotland has covers an area of 75 hectares and was last inhabited in 1851. It has one building and it is only accessible once a year in July when the Orkney heritage society organizes a trip there. This is the only building are the remains of a monastery built in the 12c. Later it was converted into dwellings and the last inhabitants were evacuated in 1851. The ruins were consolidated in 1897 and are  listed with the National Trust.
Despite of this, stamp collectors encounter postage stamps dating from the 1970s with the name of the island. These were the works of Clive Feigenbaum (UK 1939-2007) who ran the Stampdile Ltd. - in 1970, Feigenbaum was expelled from the trade body for stamp dealers,  for selling "labels resembling stamps" without indicating that they were not genuine postage stamps.  The difference between a label and a postage stamp is that the label never had  any monetary value nor was it issued by that country.
It pays to be a detective as such labels and similar are still sold online to collectors.