Cuba is the largest country in the Caribbean and it has a landmass of 109,884 km2. Cubans often refer to their country as el Cocodrilo or the Crocodile because of its shape. The Bee Hummingbird - the world's smallest bird can be found there, it is 5cm long. The capital is called Havana and the rumba music originated there. Cuba is home to 11,265,629 people and has recently re-opened trade relations with the USA.

Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia),   capital city Prague (Praha) -Located at the heart of Europe and  once known as the Kingdom of Bohemia, the Czech republic has more than 2.000 historic castle. Prague Castle is the world's largest castle and it dates back to the 9C. Polka dances originate from this area and its landmass is 76,865 km2. Between 1918 and 1993 (with an interruption between 1938-1945), the Czech republic and the slovak republic were one country. They became independent of each other after a series of peaceful demonstrations. The Czech republic is home to 10,521,468 people.
Slovaka (former Czechoslovakia), capital city: Bratislava has a population of 5.414,095 people who live in an area of 49,037 km2 . Slovakia is the known for  its world of subterranean caves, one of them, The Demanovska caves is home to the bones of various animals including the ones of a huge cave bear which were thought to be dragon bones - hence the name.