33 paintings

postcard-sized watercolours.
 zebra (2015 A3 size fabric paint, scratching and chalk on board),
cat (2015) (acrylic size A4), Petite Lotte (2016 watercolour on canvas) , Lowry's sailboats (2015) (oil on canvas), Lantern (2014) (oil and copperwire)
watercolour on paper (2017) roses, irises, horses, lizard, clock-tower, pathway, winter, shopping, bicycle, car, tower, lavender, violets
watercolour on canvas: Harbour (2015), Connemara, Blackbird (2015), Horse, Man, elephant, sailboat
pencil drawings: Bird (2015), Mice, Man (2013) Sleeping

In 2014 and 2015, I rented and painted at Art Studios in Belfast King Street and Belfast Holywood Road. I explored portraiture and art history. Now I'm painting at home , I would describe my style as influenced by magic realism.

All paintings by Dominique Hoffman