Ten Christmas Wishes - A story written by Claire Freedman in collaboration with the Banyan and Dogwood classes of Brackenbury Primary School, London. Published by Little Tiger Press (2009).

Irish /Gaeilge
font: gaeilge2 - mouse by Tanya Bond (Ireland)

Italian /Italiano

font: Bodoni - rabbit by Giuseppe Arcimboldo (Italy)
I picked up some basic Italian through friends, internet  and films.

German /Deutsch

font: Berlin - squirrel by Albrecht Dürer (Germany)

Czech / Čestina

font: Bohemian Typewriter - squirrel by Mirko Hanák (Czech Republic)

French/ Français

font: garamond - donkey by Rosa Bonheur (France)


font: Olwen for Deja Vu  - donkey by Charles Tunnicliffe (Wales)

Spanish / Español
font: Colonial Havanna  - Red Deer  by Diego Velasquez (Spain)


font: MV Boli  - Giraffe by Steven Mkumba (Tanzania) 

font: Perpetua  -Badger by Nigel Artingstall (England) 

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