C-advanced (updating)

Advanced Language course 
last update: Thursday, March 4th 2016

required level: ESL/English Literacy -   beginner and intermediate.

For our advanced course, we offer grammar revisions, exercises in reading, writing, transcribing, comprehension, - we have adapted archive material to provide a template for those weekly exercises. Each chapter takes about 3 hours per week to study - do not work more than 3 hours per week on one chapter (if you haven't finished, you can come back later). It is very important that you finish each chapter.

01 - creating a library

02 - translation tips

03 - formal letters

This exercise aims at practising using templates and adapting them, social skills and basic formal communication.

Part 1: transactions

exercises: write letters or email with help of the templates.

Template for letter/ enquiry/ acknowledgement of receipt/ purchase/ dispatch letter/ invoice/ payment/ receipt/ complaint/ request / mailing / newsletter/ thank-you note / template for invoice / template for expense sheet

Part 2: social occasions

Request for an appointment/greetings/birthday cards/invitations/ congratulations/ reference letter / asking for permission / cancellation/postponement/ refusal / letter of welcome / postcards




exercise: transcribing a speech from an audio file. This is an exercise to train comprehension, spelling and punctuation.

05 - writing an assignment

tips on taking notes

06-writing an essay

The students may try to write one of their own using some of our guidelines. This exercise aims at reading, /research, structuring ideas and  writing sentences, 

07- biography and CV

exercises - writing a CV and a short biography - template for CV, template for short biography. This exercise aims at practising social skills by getting to know oneself or the person you are writing about, as well, as presenting a document to a prospective employer.

08-writing a synopsis

-writing an art review

10- poetry, playing with words

11 - storytelling 

12 - reading out loud

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