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about the author :

Dominique Hoffman) (b. 1966) was educated in France and Germany, in a low-income French-German household  and has been living in Belfast since 1994, with 3-year stay in Vienna, Austria. She studied applied foreign languages (international law) at the University of Montpellier, France.

She has written academical essays about European history, the rise of new poverty in industrial Germany. In 2001, she won the second prize of the European Social-Democratic Bureau in Vienna for an essay called “Europe in 2010”. In 2002, she launched the website zebras54 to promote her writing as well as works by her favourite writers and musicians - showcase concert photography, photo montages as well as explore further opportunities from the world wide web and was knownup with the name DKAV on  online forums
In 2008, she self-published  her fiction known as Bohemian Tales as a series of 10 x 50 pages novellas called Bohemian Tales via the US print-on-demand publisher
Furthermore, because of her background in language teaching, some of the novellas were published in dual language.
Dkav's favourite authors are Vaclav Havel, Max Brod, Franz Werfel, Franz Kafka, Graham Greene, Romain Rolland and dual language short stories

about Bohemian Tales

The author started writing them in 1982 and originally intended to write one novel. The original German-language type-script was reviewed by Axel Poldner from Munich in 1990. And portions of it were reviewed by Granta Books. A draft of The first novella Tale of the Mermaid was put online on the EditRed writer's website and received some positive comments. The author believes that self-publishing is a good option for niche writers.

Bohemian Tales

Paperback, 218 Pages 
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Historical fiction: Karel, a man approaching thirty is offered a new job in Prague. It's 1967 and the city is undergoing dramatic changes. This is the tale of an ordinary man doing ordinary things in a messed-up world.

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Dominique Hoffman (Standard Copyright Licence)
04 September 2014
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Report -, the legacy of Charles Darwin in ecology.
(based on BBC programme, Darwin's Dangerous Idea part 3)


PHOTOBOOK : Newcastle co. Down where the Mourne Mountains sweep into the sea (19 x 19 cm) PDF format

ESSAY: Lessons to be learnt - the Austrian general election 1999 with 2009 update.

ESSAY: Comment on "The kingdom of Forgetting" BBC2 programme presented by Peter Molloy

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The-Prague-Circle : Short biographies of Franz Kafka, Franz Werfel, Johannes Urzidil, Karel Capek, Max Brod, Jaroslav Hasek.
Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Jacques Perrin - I love encounters (translation of an interview in German)

travel picture dictionary in six languages that I have been working on for the past 18 months or so. It's a cross between Richard Scarry and Robert Capa and free to download as a PDF file. I found it handy, when I visited Dingle and Prague last April. Languages are: English, French, German, Spanish, Czech, Irish. The pics are a mixture between my own photographs, scrapbook illustrations and there are a few drawings by Stephen Cartwright.  - a new picture dictionary is currently in the making. 

Legacy of Jan Hus Legacy of Jan Hus
Essay written in 2001, edited in 2010 about the various religious and humanitarian  groups and people  who lived in Bohemia (now Czech republic) and the issues of religious freedom, ethics, creed, social messages, relationship with politics and sectarian issues. Published since 2002 on the zebras54 website.