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zebras54, zebras54 is the art of learning. We are specialists in language teaching. Also, looking for international art, we admired artworks online, and we thought those could illustrate our courses and themed pages. In addition, we learnt about art history.

How to use this site?

1) the AZ pages
These are artistic pages arranged in alphabetical order according to a theme.

In 2013, I made a speech-exhibition on zebras in Art History, therefore we have this page on zebra art. If you look at the artwork, you will become familiar with the idea that you can have different points of view on the same theme.

Animal in art and plants in art are both art galleries and visual dictionaries. Every animal and every plant is translated into the six languages ​​we study on this site.

2) the archives

This site was created in 2002. I have decided to keep most of the old pages because they are part of the site's history. For the last fifteen years,  I have been collecting blogs and articles on various topics. There are articles in German because the first headquarters were in Austria, in English because the headquarters moved to Belfast and now the site is in French because it is based in the French départment of La Manche. In fact, I experimented quite a bit with the format and the purpose of zebras54.

This site also promotes my two books published in 2014 and 2016. Bohemian Tales is an English novel that takes place in the Czech Republic and in Austria (hence the need to self-learn some basics of the Czech language). Petite Lotte is my English translation of a French novel by Simone Bodève.

3) language tuition

Our 4 courses and 2 blogs all follow the same format. There are three levels (L1, L2, L3) with 12 chapters and we used the same templates. This means that for example, French L1-chapter2 is the direct translation of ESL L1 chapter 2 and so on for other chapters and other languages. This frees us from the constraint of translating each page and allows learners to absorb lessons without a dictionary. With this system, a tutor can also have students who speak different languages. The purpose of our language teaching is to invite learners to think in the language they are learning so that they can use it in a practical way. Our site also allows self-learning. In fact, even I practised self-study with the blogs in Czech and Irish.

If you do self-study know that your language level at the end of the three levels will be B2.

You can also use our pages as a textbook to complement a language class that you are taking in your community.

4) cultural pages

 In each language section you will find cultural pages. Their aim is to give a face to language classes. You will visit musical pages that make you discover the melodies and songs of a country. You can admire works of art by local artists. Finally, the literary pages give you references on the literature of the country. With our cultural pages, you will travel to countries that speak the language you are learning. It's not quite the same thing as traveling physically, but these pages will help you on your way.

And that's it.

One more thing: our language classes are free.