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  • The One Click Backup And Restore! - just plug in! 25/04/11 Hey all, I'm pretty pleased with this one! Introducing the One Click backup and restorer for the VEGA! This tool is both easy to use, and simple! No ClockworkMod ...
    Posted 3 May 2011, 08:35 by Alex E
  • Made a CWM Backup in the past? Fix your VEGA! Hey all, After having seen and responded to enough "my VEGA is bricked", "my VEGA is broken", "my VEGA is bootlooping" threads, I decided to do something about it. I ...
    Posted 3 May 2011, 08:28 by Alex E
  • Fix your MoDaCo r8 USB Mode BSOD! (23/04/2011) Hey all, This is a simple tool that should fix almost all supposedly Bricked or Broken VEGA's (hardware damages aside :P) Simply, extract this, follow the instructions on myadventvega ...
    Posted 3 May 2011, 08:24 by Alex E
  • Install ClockworkMod Wirelessly! 02/05 Hey all ^^, Just something little! I've made a quick script which will apply ClockworkMod to your VEGA via wifi ^^. Then, using CWM, you can apply ...
    Posted 3 May 2011, 13:21 by Alex E
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HTC Desire

  • TODO Under construction.
    Posted 9 May 2011, 17:16 by Alex E
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