FPS-RTS Assymetric Team Based Games comparison table

The conditions for games to fulfill for them to be on this list:
*must be some type of FPS-RTS hybrid asymmetric team based game; teams have a base to defend and the goal is to attack the enemy base spawn structures and maybe eliminate surviving enemy players
*One team specialises in melee and manoeuvring combat while the other specialises in ranged weapons.
*The general trend is that Meleeing team typically are some form of alien life form but don't necessarily have to be, thus AvH (Aliens vs Humans). They also seem to stem from Quake2's Gloom which also has some inspiration from the original Quake World's Team Fortress game

If you are looking for Gameplay Differences, see this reddit thing, though it is a little bit outdated: https://www.reddit.com/r/ns2/comments/4bsws2/the_ultimate_comparison_between_natural_selection/
Excluded: Client Enhancements and unofficial modifications (such as Tremfusion for 1.1, Faction for NS2 etc.)
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??? = No clue
?? = Needs Confirmation / Unsure / No Information Available / Unknown
? = Partial Details known for sure

Brief Summary:
In order by date released:

Gloom = Gloom 1.3, Quake 2 Mod, Developed by Team Reaction ((C) 1998-2001 David Wallin and Jean-francois Leclerc) | 1998

NS1 = Natural Selection version 3.2 | Half Life mod | Developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment (UWE) | GoldSrc engine | 2000-2007 (?) Publicly released 2002. Last patch 2012. Gamelogic source publicly released 2014.
Trem Q3 = Tremulous 1.0 | Quake 3 Modification | Developed by Darklegion Development (GPL 2000-2016, Tim Angus) | 2000-2005
Trem 1.1 = Tremulous 1.1 | ioQuake3 engine | Standalone, Darlegion Development | 2005-2006, Official repository Community Contribution 2006-2008 (where it turned into 1.2GPP?)
Trem 1.2GPP = Tremulous 1.2 Gameplay Preview, | Trem 1.1 Mod | 2009-2011, (2008-2009 as a 1.1 compatible mod). Does not include protocol 71 version which extends to 2017 as it was not publically released, even if GrangerHub's team forked off the project.

TremZ = TremZ | Successor to Tremulous | OpenWolf engine (OW) | Cancelled Project | Developed by the Unvanquished team. OW engine still under works. | 2011
UNV = Unvanquished | Standalone, Forked off TremZ, Daemon Engine (OpenWolf fork) | Being developed by the Unvanquished team (Those who left TremZ) | 2012
NS2 = Natural Selection 2 | Commercial Successor to NS1 | Standalone | Developed by UWE | Spark Engine | 2012
T2 = Tremulous2 | Rotacak and AAAGames | Unreal Engine 3 | 2014? announced, project cancelled, well, but the Murnatan project was brought out from it
NS2C = NS2 Combat | or Natural Selection 2 Combat | Standalone | Developed by Faultline Games; Licensed under UWE | Spark Engine | 2014
Trem 1.3 = Tremulous 1.3 | Forked off Tremulous GPP but accepts Protocol 69-71 | OpenGL 2.1, 3.3 may have been planned | GrangerHub.com community made | 2017
MUR = Murnatan | formally known as T2 but has different alien assets | Unreal Engine 4 | Rotacak and AAAGames | Alpha released 2018. Lacks funding but is playable and development continues. Available on Steam on the Free-to-Play model

*Trem 1.3 isn't exactly a true standalone, because it's mostly just two seperate projects, one being basically a somewhat unappreciated gameplay mod on protocol 71 and the other being a multi-protocol client.

Not Yet Released:
Trem GPP (1.2) = Tremulous GPP | Version currently available on Github (Protocol 71) | Mentions to be Released S00N on "Thursday" (ambiguous, undefined which Thursday specifically). Considering it was announced in like 2008, chances are it won't be released anytime soon as a standalone.

 --------------  Gloom    NS1  Trem
 Trem 1.1      Trem 1.2GPP  NS2    TremZ  UNV  T2 NS2C   Trem
 MUR  Trem 1.3
 Predecessors   N/A; Parent  Gloom
 Gloom  TremQ3  Trem1.1  NS1  Trem 1.2GPP  Trem GPP  Trem 1.1 NS2  Trem 1.2GPP  T2
 Design  ??? Khaara: 
The Land Before Time


 Atmosphere: 'Alien' movie
 Gloom. I personally had a look at some of the earliest documents from 2000 to 2001 and it looks impractical, completely different.
 Trem  NS1  TremFusion and Trem  TremFusion
Various substitute assets due to copyright issues (TremZ) and almost entirely new designs
(R Funserver CZ Modification of Tremulous 1.1 and 1.2GPP)
 NS(2) Combat Mod(e)  Trem 1.2GPP,

IoQuake3 Enhancements

Tigers, Cats and stuff
 Trem 1.1

Trem 1.2GPP

io Quake 3 (updated)
 Engine  id Tech 2  GoldSRC  id Tech 3  ioQuake3  ioQuake3  Spark  OpenWolf  Daemon (OW Eng Fork)  Not Announced  Spark (Early)  ioQuake3  UE4  ioQuake3
 Renderer  OpenGL 1.4??  DirectX ?? or OpenGL ??  OpenGL 1.5??  OpenGL 1.5??  OpenGL 1.5??  d309
(DirectX 9)

DirectX 11 (Unstbl)
OpenGL 3.3

OpenGL 2.1 (2.2?)
 OpenGL 2.1 (2.2?)  DirectX ??  d309
(DirectX 9)
 OpenGL 2.1 (2.2?) DirectX 11?  OpenGL 3.3

OpenGL 2.1

OpenGL 1.5??
 Standalone or Mod? Q2 Mod   HL Mod  Q3 Mod  Alone Win and Linux: Trem 1.1 Mod

Mactintosh: Alone
 Alone  Alone  Alone  Alone  Alone

Used to be an NS2 mod
 Trem 1.1 Mod  Alone  Alone, Compatible with All Trem versions
 Operating Systems  Windows
 Windows  Windows  Windows
OSX Unof
64bit Unof
Mac OS X

64-Bit Only

Mac OS X??
Mac OS X
64-Bit Only (?)

Mac OS X

Mac OS X??
Mac OS X

Planned Linux


Mac OS X
 Multilingual Support
(At least 2 completed languages and special symbol support)
 No  No  No  No  No Partially

No special characters without mods
 ??  Partially
Needs community contribution for translations Supports unicode
 ??  Partially. No multilingual mods confirmed personally  No  Planned 20+ Languages

Personally confirmed some support.
 Free?  Req. Q2 demo only needed however buggy with just the demo  Req.HL Purchase for online usage  Req. Quake 3 or OpenArena (protocol is different on OA)  Yes  Yes  No

Req. Steam account with Key
 Yes  Yes No, but was cancelled anyway. Old assets can be obtained for free from the history tab of Murnatan.com  Free to Play as of 2018  Yes  Free to Play

Planned paid in-game content includes skins, maps and the alike.
 Open Sourced?  Yes No,
Code released reacently but still requires a legal full version of HL
Yes, however unknown if backed up  Yes  Yes No,
Lua Scripts for gamelogic available
 Yes  Yes  No. Mod support not considered practical with the difficulty of UE3 No,
Lua Scripts for gamelogic available
 Yes  No. Mod support not considered practical with the difficulty of UE4  Yes
 ----------------  Gloom  NS1  Trem Q3  Trem 1.1  Trem 1.2GPP  NS2  TremZ  UNV  T2  NS2C Trem GPP   MUR  Trem 1.3
 Minimum Players for a decent game (Personal Opinion)  2  ??  4  4  2  8  Cancelled Project  4  Cancelled Project  4  Not Released / Postponed indefinitely  Not enough stats  Not Released
 Optimum Veteran game size balance  ??  ??  8  8  8  12  Cancelled Project  6  Cancelled Project  12??  Not Released / Postponed indefinitely  Not enough stats  Not Released
 Current Development  Various successors not well documented
Many user projects are abandoned.
 Finished  Finished  See Trem GPP  Yes, but developers only do it in their free time of their free will and no compensation is involved  Cancelled Project. TheDushan continues to improve the OpenWolf engine however in his free time.  Officially, Yes, in my eyes, the game isn't but the Daemon game engine is.  Project moved over to Murnatan as a substitute  No, Developers cannot contribute patches to Steam due the developer having the key being missing or something
 Yes and No, patches are scarce, but are still being pushed due to community contribution  Yes, AAAGames  Yes, GrangerHub

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