TremNS2 - Revive your Tremulous Nostalgia!

TremNS2 is a Natural Selection 2 mod that attempts to recreate the thrill of the fast paced shooter, Tremulous by replicating equivalent combat speeds and balancing. This means that you and your team gains rewards for killing, you can strafe jump Quake 2/3 style (Skulk has CPM physics which combine Q3 style with Q1 bunnyhop and Unreal Tournement Lossless Air Control)etc. Because it is fast paced, expect aliens to miss a lot of their attack attempts, and marines be able to chase down aliens. however Aliens have a damage dealing and base construction speed advantage. This mod is designed for 3v3-6v6 size though I expect that it is suitable for 2v2-8v8.
The conversion for replication accuracy is 1 meter = 32 units

Basic Player Classes / Weapon Stats:

The balanced HP is based off biomass level 3 synced to Tremulous health stats (e.g. skulk starts with 23 hp at biomass level 1). All damage dealing is based off if the alien hits the head of the human (double damage) in Tremulous so aliens are not at a combat disadvantage.

Aliens excel at close range combat, maneuverability, tag-teaming and rapid structure construction. It is recommended to "tag team" with a friendly player when possible especially late game against possible camping tactics. Also known as "drag and bag" in the world of aviation or "baiting" in some RTS games.

 Class (based on tremulous class) Speed
(Meters / Sec)
 Primary Weapon Secondary Movement Ability Weapon
 Health at biomass level 1 Comments
 Gorge (Granger) 8 20 dmg Spit 20 dmg Healspray Belly Slide Build Bile Bomb Babbler Bait 43 (51 at 3, 63 at 6,75 at 9, 87 at 12) Builder class.
 Skulk (Dretch) 13 96 dmg bite Air Pounce Silent Walk Parasite Xenocide - 19 (25 at 3, 34 at 6, 43 at 9, 52 at 12) Bite deals minimal damage vs structures
 Lerk (Basilisk + Marauder) 12.5 avg
6.25 on ground
 80 dmg bite + 5 damage/sec for 5 seconds 4-15 dmg Spikes Cling to Surface Umbra Armour Cloud Gas/Spores - 65 (75 at 3, 90 at 6,105 at 9, 120 at 12) Very easy to kill early game. Stalls at 6.25 m/s
 Fade (Dragoon) 11
20 for shdwstep
 160 damage swipe Air Pounce / Fly (non damageing) Shadow step / Movement Vector Control - Long Range Snipe - 184 (200 at 3, 224 at 6, 248 at 9, 272 at 12) Mildly tanky for its size
 Onos (Tyrant) 12
24 charge
 200 damage Horn Maul 111 damage Paralysing Stomp Charge  (non damaging) Bone Shield + Regeneration - - 275 (350 at 3, 400 at 5, 425 at 6, 500 at 9, 575 at 12) Consistant Attack Rate
Celerity bonus gives 1.5 m/s boost except for lerk flight, which gets a reduction in air friction.. Carapace armour gives a few hitpoints worth of extra armour but it isn't much. Skulk class has CPM physics (left/right strage = Quake 1 bunnyhop, diagonal strafe = Quake 3 strafe physics, forward/back = Quake 3 strafe + Unreal Tournament Lossless Air control)

Marines do not accept headshots in this game at the moment so all damage received from aliens are balanced to be headshots. Marine weapon damage cannot be upgraded while armour provides 38 armour per stage, resulting in 233 additional effective health. Exosuit armour does not get upgraded however...

To support Human's independance from the commander, the marines can spend between 50 and 100 personal resouces to apply an almost instantaneous medpack. The cooldown of its use depends on how much health was applied to the player and the player's health may not recover fully to 100% after applying the medpack.

Humans excel at moderate to long range combat, dodging, structure defence and flexible strategies. All human classes run at 10 m/s  (320 ups)

(based on tremulous  weapon)
(before weapons upgrade)
 Clipsize Clips
includes starting inside gun)
 Damage per Second Comments
 Axe 8 N/A N/A 16  Double Dmg vs Structures
 Pistol 9 7 A Lot 36 (4 shots per sec) Small spread
 Welder (KoRx ESD style Painsaw Ckit) 15 N?A N/A 200 Very short range. Strongest weapon in the mod.
 Rifle 5 30 7 75 Moderate Spread
 Shotgun 4 x 14 8 4 63 Low DPS. Circular spread
 Flamer 20 100 2 100 May burn yourself. Disables alien structure ability.
 Gren Launcher (Lucifer Cannon) 255 1 13 128 Hold the trigger or double switch weapons after the first shell is loaded to shorten the loading time. Can propel the user into the air. Extra damage vs structures.
 Exo Minigun 6 ~200 N/A ~85 Very Inaccurate. Long cooldown time.
 Exo Railgun 38-78 N/A N/A 76 Charge up is just a bonus feature. Alternate quickly between railguns for maximum DPS. Penetrates through multiple targets.Double damage vs structures

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also, download the original open sourced free tremulous game if you're interested in the game:

Title Banner along with some other pixel art originated from Nux' Artwork. Find them at kdude63's {MG} Archive 

Tremulous Knights of Reason clan RIP painted by me