Zdenka Kovalcik - Artist profile



I was born and raised in Slovakia where I studied at the School
 of Applied Arts, Promotional Art  1974 - 1978 in Kosice.
    Working ten years in a public Tatra Art Gallery as a graphic  and exhibit designer, exposed me to many artists and a variety 
    of  influence and impacted me tremendously in the development of my own artistic journey.

I emigrated to Canada in 2001 and worked as mural painter for
Milan Design Inc. in the area of innovative custom finishes, murals,
         faux finishes, moldings, painted furniture and fine art work in residential areas of Great Toronto. The work demand was to paint highly realistic, illusio
nist style Trompe L'Oeil in French "Fool the eye". This experience opened window to new unknown areas of artistic expression so I decided to further my education by taking Studio acrylic painting classes at Sheridan College.
These workshops and studio classes encouraged me to learn about working 
with different mediums and adopting new painting techniques. 

             Acrylic medium is my favorite choice, where I can freely express my                                               creative ideas and I focus mainly on brushwork.
    Working with acrylics allow me to use almost limitless textures, viscosity gels and layering media. 
    An example of this can be found in my theme “Magic Hearts” where I used matte acrylic gels to create transparent  
              and translucent layers because of their waxy-like appearance.         Constantly searching for new possibilities in this medium brings  me a joy 
of experimenting in creation of abstract works and 
consciousness of this, moves me forward.
 Nature, has always been the greatest inspiration of my art, but flowers and an organic form became my focus for the variety of shape, form and color. 

    Since 2012 I have been  teaching Art Classes in acrylics, drawing and watercolors at Michael's Arts & Crafts Store and years later 
                              at Art Gallery of Burlington offering  studio courses  for students to improve their skills and explore the techniques as they  learn. 

I am member of Artistic community White Oaks Art Group 
Visual Arts Mississauga, currently live and work in Burlington, Ontario. 

Blooming power acrylic 30"x 30"