Entre Verre et Pierre / Between Glass and Stone

Vladimir Zbynovsky


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Between Glass and Stone


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The free flowing works of Vladimir Zbynovsky essentially explore the relationship between stone and glass, evoking a simultaneous sense of heaviness and transparency.

Zbynovsky’s sculptures show the fascinating qualities of glass that reveal spectacular inner interplay, whereby a slightest shift in observation can create a different image inside the glass.


Vladimir Zbynovsky was born in the Slovak Republic in 1964. After completing his studies in stone sculpture at the Institute of Decorative Arts, he began working in glass at the Bratislava Institute of Fine Arts. This was followed by studies with Olivier de Serres at the School of Applied Arts in Paris. His works have been shown in galleries throughout Europe, the United States and Japan. He has been selected to participate in many competitions, and has been awarded prizes including the 1991 Amber prize and the 1996 Triennial Competition, Nuremberg. His works are in the permanent collections of the Meisenthal Museum, the XXI Century Museum, Kanazawa, the bank of St Paul, Luxembourg, and the National Bank, Amsterdam.